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Chiropractor in Durham, NC

Dice Health has quickly come to be known as one of the best chiropractic offices in Durham. They’re well known for providing relief from neck and back pain in a first class environment. Located in Durham, NC Dice Health is a one stop shop for a variety of exceptional services including:

Chiropractic Care
Pain Relief
Functional Medicine
Car Accident Injury
Weight Loss




Benefits of Chiropractic Care

It’s no surprise that chiropractic care continues to grow in popularity. Dice Health uses the latest techniques in natural health care to get to the root of the problem. They’ve helped hundreds of people who were in the same situation you’re in now.

In addition to injuries from car accidents or sports we now know that your pain can be coming from other things like poor posture or being overweight. Whatever is causing your pain, we have the tools to help you get better and can’t wait for you to experience them first hand.

And since chiropractic effects the whole body most people end up feeling better in all sorts of ways like sleeping better, more energy, happier, and taking less or no medication.


Common Conditions We Can Help

This state of the art office has seen great success in treating symptoms from the following:

Back Pain
Car Accidents
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain

This is by no means a list of everything that we treat. If you have a question about a condition not listed here call, text, or email us.