Durham Chiropractor

Looking for a Chiropractor in Durham?

Come find out why we are continually rated the best in the area. Our Holistic approach gets to the bottom of your health problems.

Durham WellnessWhen you walk in for the first time, you can sense the warmth of the office. Dice Health is a family owned and operated center with a focus on patient care. While here you’ll also be treated as part of the family. The doctors and staff go above and beyond to make your day better so that you will feel like more than just another patient in a doctor’s office. Part of the family philosophy includes welcoming infants, toddlers, and children of all ages to watch their parents be treated or be treated themselves!

Dr. Dice and Dr. Nall offer a holistic approach to your health, realizing that everyone’s needs are different. It’s not always one thing that’s causing your pain and some investigation may be needed. Their personal philosophy to health is: “Think well, eat well, move well, and supplement well.” In an era of overweight and sick doctors that cannot live the advice they give, Dr. Dice and Dr. Nall pride themselves on living a healthy lifestyle so they can offer first hand experience.